Puddle Stompin?

This week we arrived at a customer’s home to find a substantial puddle under the fridge. It wasn’t the usual overflowing drain pan or defrost drain plugged up. It was a cracked waterline at the water inlet solenoid. In the picture, notice the yellow and green water solenoid and the gray water lines below it. The line on the right had a small crack and had been leaking which caused the white mineral deposits on the lines.


Wine Cooler Chills

Today we diagnosed an EdgeStar wine cooler that wasn’t cooling anymore. We found four of the eight fans no longer working, the left controller board green and red LED’s flashing and the right controller board red LED on solid. Since the left board provides power to the right board, we realized both boards have failed (probably due to a power surge). This is why it is so important to have surge protectors on our appliances or a whole house surge protector. Yes, we can resolve all of these issues for you! Electro Mechanical Service Repair, the best wine cooler repair in Tucson.

GE Gas Stove not lighting? Try this!


If your gas stove isn’t lighting it could be as simple as dirty igniter or burner head. Each burner has an electrode which emits a spark to the metal of the burner head.  The burner head can get carbon deposits on it therefore not making a good contact for the spark.  With power off, try cleaning the carbon deposits off the burner head and off the electrode with fine grit wet/dry sandpaper. Be careful cleaning the electrode because it can break if you are too rough on it. Call us if you need us to come out and help or if your stove is still not lighting. 520 661 0030