Kenmore front load washer making noise or leaking?

Yesterday we rebuilt a Kenmore washer for a customer. It was making noise during the spin cycle and wouldn’t get all the water out of the clothes when cycle was done. The washer ended up needing a rebuild. The customer made the right choice, as replacing it with a new washer would have been more costly and new appliances don’t last very long these days. Here are some pictures of the project. EMSP the best Appliance Repair in Tucson AZ. 


Fridge Ice maker under water?

We recently did a service call where the customer stated their ice maker was not working and ice was forming in the freezer door shelves and dispenser. Also, the ice cubes were all frozen together in the ice bucket. Check out these photos and see. At Electro Mechanical Service Professionals, we can handle all your appliance repairs in Tucson AZ. Give us a call, we are A+ rated by the BBB. (520) 661-0030. 

Ice cubes frozen together
Frozen water in door dispenser
Icemaker with frozen water at bottom

Frigidaire / Electrolux ¬†Laundry Center Dryer

During the course of a few years, dust and pocket contents will accumulate in your clothing dryer. This is a picture of the inside of one such dryer. Notice the control panel toward the bottom of the picture. It is covered in dust and debris. This will cause poor contacts on electrical connectors, making it likely that the dryer will not operate properly. It also is a fire hazard. We regularly inspect and offer maintenance to clean your dryer and get it running well, while increasing your family safety! EMSP Appliance Repair company in Tucson, AZ. 520 661 0030

GE Built in fridge repair and maintenance 

Last week we were contacted by a customer who had a GE Built in fridge, that stopped working. We found the main control board failed. Problem was, that the board is no longer available. We were able to track down a replacement board and get the customer back in business! We also did a condenser coil cleaning / maintenance. Most people don’t realize that a coil cleaning will save money on your electric bill and increase the life of your refrigerator and compressor. This is an annual maintenance item. EMSP, excellent Appliance Repair in Tucson.