Washer overfilling?

We recently went on a service call where the customer stated their front load washing machine was leaking. Well, the washer was actually overfilling.  In this case it could be the water level switch, water fill valves, or the main control board. This one turned out to be the main control board. Newer machines don’t have a troubleshooting guide, so this makes it very difficult for the homeowner, or even a skilled appliance repair tech to figure out. We can figure this out for you and fix it. Tucson major home appliance repair company, Electro Mechanical Service Professionals PLLC, also known as EMSP Appliance Repair. Give us a call today so we can help you. 520 661-0030


Refrigerator Maintenance

Folks, to increase life on your refrigerator and reduce your electric bill, annual maintenance is needed. Attached are some pictures of typical refrigerator condenser coils. These guys get dirty with normal dust and hair. A once a year cleaning with special tools and brushes are needed to accomplish this and we can help!

Dryer vent/duct need to breathe?

Folks, your clothes dryer vent duct which goes through the wall and exits the roof or wall needs regular cleaning. If it isn’t cleaned, the dryer will take much longer to dry your clothes, crank up your electric bill, cause humidity in your laundry room and possible mildew smell. It also is a fire hazard. Here are some before and after pictures of a job we did this week.