Dishwasher not cleaning well?

There is a part that causes the dishwasher to switch from top rack to bottom rack wash in many newer style dishwashers. This customer mentioned that their dishwasher would not clean either the top or bottom at times. We found the problem and fixed it for them. Check out these neat videos showing both top and bottom working now from inside the dishwasher.


GE monogram fridge Icicles in freezer

Yesterday we went on a service call where the customer showed us icicles in the freezer, that looked like they were coming from the icemaker. It turns out they were coming from the evaporater coil drain pan. In the picture notice the ice toward the top. There is a drain hole there, which is supposed to be clear. It was clogged with ice and debris. These are difficult refrigerators to work on, but good solid machines. If you have one, it is usually best to try and repair it. New machines made today lack this quality and fail at a much earlier time. This fridge is about 17 years old and still worth repairing, so we fixed it. David & Sammi, EMSP Appliance Repair 5206610030