Front load washer “jet plane” ?

Actually this “jet plane* noise can happen on top load machines too. The problem usually is the tub bearing. We recently repaired one for a customer. Here are some photos of the project. 
This is the old outer tub with bad bearing and seal. The seal fails, then water gets in the bearing and damages it.

This is the old basket shaft. Notice the groove in the metal. This is where the damaged bearing cut into the shaft.

New basket on top and old, damaged one on bottom.

This is the new back half of tub, with new bearings and seals.

Inside the cabinet with most parts removed. Notice the dirty, rusty looking debris at the back center. This is from the failed bearing and shaft.

Hanging the tub back in place after repairs.

Making connections, reattached weights and front rubber seal.

The back side, the way it is supposed to look.

Almost done. Ready for test.

This project turned out well. Customer is happy and no more “jet plane” noise. Electro Mechanical Service Professionals PLLC  520 661 0030

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