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LG Refrigerator LFXC24726S/02 Not Cold

Unfortunately it is becoming more common with the newer LG refrigerators, that they stop cooling. We often find that the compressor fails. The left gauge should be at a very low pressure (1-5psi).

Peerless Premier Oven

Peerless Premier Oven model # P36S328BP Spark module failed. We repaired this and now it is working great!

Compressor Overheated?

Does your fridge, freezer or wine cabinet not produce enough cold air? If your compressor overheats, it may develop discolored areas by the pipes that look like this.

Vent Hood Ducting

Hi folks, if you install a new vent hood, make sure your ducting is properly routed. If not, you could have an airflow restriction, which will not let the vent hood work properly. Check out this video.

LG Front Load Washer Leak!

Ok folks, this is a nightmare for the homeowner. These are some pictures of a LG washer model # WM2050CW that has a bad tub seal. The seal failed causing water to leak out the back of the tub, spraying a rusty colored stain, and causing the shaft bearings to fail. The repair for this would be between $600-$1022. Whew!

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