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GE fridge PFE239PSDCSS

We Recently went on a service call where this fridge door icemaker was not working. We found that the freezer section evaporator coil was frozen at the top and the air duct which blows air up through the side wall of the fridge to the icemaker was clogged. We were able to get everything cleared out and back-to normal.  Give us a call at Electro Mechanical Service Professionals PLLC 5206610030 

Dryer Repair

This is a picture of the inside of a 3 year old gas dryer. The vent duct was routed to exit the side instead of the standard rear configuration. In this case the installation company simply taped the vent duct to the output of the blower housing. The problem was that the duct hose came loose and blew dust and lint all over the inside of the dryer. This created a fire hazard and caused the dryer to not work properly. In this case, it would heat for 4 minutes then stop heating for an extended period of time, causing dry time to be exceedingly long. 

Maytag refrigerator not cold?

This is a picture of the evaporator coil that is iced up on a Maytag bottom freezer refrigerator. This is NOT what they are supposed to look like. You would think with this much ice, you wouldn’t have a warm fridge…but not so. Bottom line, we can fix this for you. Call for you service appointment. Electro Mechanical Service Professionals PLLC 520 661 0030 the Best Appliance Repair in Tucson.