New Tub Into a GE Washer

We recently replaced the outer tub in a GE top load washer model # WBB4500E1WW. The symptoms were leaking water from underneath the washer. Normally it is just the tub seal, but in this case, the tub was cracked where the tub seal sits, so we replaced both. We can help you with your leaking washer. EMSP Appliance Repair (520) 661-0030

Frigidaire Gas Range Not Igniting Any Burners?

Last week we repaired a Frigidaire gas range Model LGGF3043KFM where none of the 5 burners would ignite. We were able to get this up and running again for the customer. Here are some pictures. Give us a call and we can help you too! EMSP Appliance Repair 5206610030

Typical GE Clothes Washer Failure

Hi friends, we worked on a 13-year-old GE washer model # WBB4500E1WW this week. The customer had mentioned that it was leaking water and making a loud noise while spinning. We thought we would share a short video of the sound. Turned out to be a failed tub seal which caused a bearing failure (makes this noise). We made the repairs and the washer is now like new!

Miele Dryer Blower Fan Replacement

We just finished working on a Miele gas clothes dryer model T9822. The blower wheel was broken (cream-colored one). After removing the broken part, we cleaned the area and installed the new fan (black-colored one). This is more difficult than a standard dryer, but it is worth it. Miele makes a good product.

Bosch Dishwasher No Heat?

We just repaired a customer’s Bosch dishwasher. It wasn’t drying the dishes. This machine doesn’t have the typical heater. We were able to get our customer up and running again. We can help you too! Electro-Mechanical Service Professionals PLLC … EMSP Appliance Repair 5206610030

How’s Your Splutch?

Yes, it is called a splutch. This is the plastic part with teeth, a hub spring, and a ring that drives your Whirlpool Cabrio top-load washing machine. These typically wear out after 2-5 years depending on use. We replaced one for a customer yesterday. We can help you too! Give us a call Electro-Mechanical Service Professionals PLLC 5206610030

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