Yes, We Repair Wine Cabinets

Not to many appliance repair companies repair wine cabinets or refrigerators. That makes it difficult for most people who have these units to get them serviced. We do repair wine cabinets and wine refrigerators. This is a WineMate cooling unit we recently repaired. The symptoms were that it was cooling but not to the set temperature of 55 degrees F. It was cooling to about 75-79 degrees, so it was working but not properly. If you have need of a WineMate, Vinotemp, Wine Enthusiast, Allavino, N’FINITY, Le Cache, Breezeaire, Vinotheque, WhisperKool, or other wine cooling unit service, give us a call. We have been servicing wine cabinets since 2014. EMSP Appliance Repair

We Repair Wine Cabinets

Refrigerator Maintenance

Many homeowners don’t realize a refrigerator needs regular Maintenance. The condenser coils, usually at the bottom back of the refrigerator, or top of a built-in refrigerator, need regular cleaning. Annual cleaning is sufficient for most refrigerators, but maybe needed more often if there are pets in the home. We provide refrigerator maintenance for refrigerators and wine cabinets, beverage coolers and other cooling units. See the before and after pics of a little SubZero drawer refrigerator. Before the cleaning, temperatures were 50 degrees F, after the cleaning, the temperatures were in the correct range of 37-44 degrees F.

LG Refrigerator Compressor Fails

We have replaced many compressors since 2017, most of them have been LG refrigerator compressor fails. The upgraded LG linear compressors with software upgrade are better and do seem to last longer. Here are some pictures of a compressor replacement we did for a customer, in the beginning of June 2023, that didn’t want to spend double the money to replace their refrigerator. It was an LG refrigerator model LMXC23746S/01 French door style with two drawers and a bottom freezer. Many appliance repair companies won’t work on LG refrigerators. We work on them and have for years. See another blog post we did regarding a 2015 LG refrigerator compressor replacement This one was a model LFXC24726S/02 French door style. We replaced the compressor at the end of December 2018, and last we heard, it is still going strong.

LG refrigerator compressor fails and Kenmore

Some Kenmore refrigerators were also made by LG. One of the first LG compressor replacements we did was in a Kenmore French door refrigerator Model 795.74043.410 The first 3 digits of the model number (795) indicates it was made by LG. Kenmore model numbers beginning with 363, 501, 580, 722, 767, 795, 796 were all manufactured by LG. As of this blog writing, we have replaced approximately 30-40 LG refrigerator compressors compared to about the same number across all the other brands combined. We find that refrigerators older than 10 years, usually are built better and tend to last longer. It seems that, in the appliance industry, most manufacturers have switched into the disposable product mentality. This, of course, will improve their profits by pushing consumers to purchase new appliances every 2-5 years. LG refrigerators with compressor problems are common and prompted a class action lawsuit.

LG refrigerator compressor fails – now has new compressor
LG refrigerator compressor fails

Thermador Built-in Refrigerator Evaporator Coil Replacement

Today we replaced a leaking evaporator coil in a Thermador refrigerator. The customer was noticing a slow increase in temperatures in the freezer and refrigerator. After basic checks, we removed the refrigerant, added nitrogen and checked for leaks. Sure enough, the evaporator coil had a leak, where the defrost heater had been touching the coil. Over time it caused the aluminum coil to weaken in that spot and slowly leak. We replaced the evaporator coil with a new one and it is working as good as new. Check out the photos and video.

Refrigerator Repairs Are Common This Time of Year

It seems like most of our service calls are for refrigerators between June and August. The summer months temperatures and higher humidity cause our refrigerators to work harder. Most homeowners dont realize it, but there are some maintenance items that can be done on refrigerators to help prevent unwanted breakdowns. Give us a call and we will be happy to help you out with that. 520 661-0030

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