Yes, We Repair Wine Cabinets

Not to many appliance repair companies repair wine cabinets or refrigerators. That makes it difficult for most people who have these units to get them serviced. We do repair wine cabinets and wine refrigerators. This is a WineMate cooling unit we recently repaired. The symptoms were that it was cooling but not to the set temperature of 55 degrees F. It was cooling to about 75-79 degrees, so it was working but not properly. If you have need of a WineMate, Vinotemp, Wine Enthusiast, Allavino, N’FINITY, Le Cache, Breezeaire, Vinotheque, WhisperKool, or other wine cooling unit service, give us a call. We have been servicing wine cabinets since 2014. EMSP Appliance Repair

We Repair Wine Cabinets

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