KitchenAid KSSC42QMS 03 Problems

This was an unusual problem. The fridge made high pitched noise and would turn on and off with a strange flashing display. We figured it out and saved the customer a lot of money.

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Ice Maker Stalactites!

During the summer we tend to see a lot of Icemaker problems. This is a unique one that you may appreciate information on. This was caused by a failed water valve. Check out the pictures. We were able to help this customer at the end of the day Friday. Customer had come home to water on the floor under the fridge.

Refrigerator Ice Dispenser

Ok, so this customer complained that the ice bin mounted in the freezer door had the ice freezing together into large clumps. This would cause the ice to not dispense. This problem can happen from many reasons. In this case it was a poor seal of the ice dispenser flap. We made the repair and customer is happy to have a good working ice dispenser again. Call EMSP Appliance repair at 5206610030 and we can help you too!

Whirlpool Washer WTW5550XW0 No Spin

Ok, so this washer would start to spin and continue making noise like it was spinning, but actually, it would slow down and stop spinning. The motor continued to sound like it was running, but it was not. Special circumstances, but we figured it out. EMSP Appliance Repair 5206610030

Electric Dryer Needs 240 VAC

Folks, electric clothes dryers that run on 240 Volts AC, need between 220-240 Volts. If voltage is low (like 207 VAC) it will run but heater won’t heat properly. EMSP can help you with all of your appliance needs! 5206610030

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