Central Vacuum 

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Central vacuum got you down? Call us and we will raise it from the dead. Tucson’s Best Appliance Repair Company, EMSP Appliance Repair.

GE Gas Stove Not lighting? Try This!

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If your gas stove isn’t lighting it could be as simple as a dirty igniter or burner head. Each burner has an electrode that emits a spark to the metal of the burner head.  The burner head can get carbon deposits on it therefore not making good contact with the spark.  With power off, try […]

Circuit Breaker Trips

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Circuit breaker tripping frequently? You could have a problem with the circuit, or the breaker may be old and needs to be replaced. We can help with either situation. 

Received Award From Angie’s List

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We received the Super Service Award for 2015 from Angie’s List. This award is reserved for the top 5% of service providers in their specific category. Appliance repair in Tucson, AZ. 2015 now belongs to us! Check us out on Angie’s List or BBB Southern AZ.

Dishwashers in Arizona

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